Private Coaching [Public rates]

Marketing Diagnostic Session | $179 per 30-minute session

This is your first session with Veronika Noize, the Marketing Coach.

Wondering what's wrong, and why things are not working as well as you'd like? This ultra-affordable 30-minute 1:1 will identify the gaps, the issues, and the opportunities in your marketing plans. 

A marketing diagnostic session is an evaluative meeting in which we identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of your current situation or plans. This 30-minute meeting is formatted to surface the key metrics and significant information that determines your potential for success.

Imagine going to the doctor to find out why you feel tired, sluggish, or you have headaches all the time. Your doctor asks you a lot of questions, weighs you, takes your temp, and then gives you her diagnosis, followed by a prescription (which could include changes in diet, exercise, vitamins, or even drugs or surgery).

That is exactly what this meeting is like but you get to keep your clothes on, and there are no scales or thermometers to worry about. We look at what's going on, what's wrong, and then you get a prescription for how to fix the problems.

Please note that we don't "fix the problem" in this meeting, rather we identify the real problems as well as the solution(s). Some fixes are easy, but most will take time, attention, and effort to get on track.

Book your marketing diagnostic session through the DIY Calendar.

Private Marketing Coaching | $250 per 45-minute session

In a private marketing coaching session, we focus on the identification of solutions, strategies and action steps. Ideally, a Marketing Diagnostic session precedes the private coaching session.

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Private Coaching Session FAQ

Buying & booking your session: To schedule your session, simply browse our calendar for a private session. Please note that all sessions must be prepaid. 


[Office] Face-to-face private coaching sessions happen at the DIY Marketing Center, 1101 Broadway, Suite 110, Vancouver WA. Enter on 11th.

[Phone] The phone number for your phone coaching session is listed in the confirmation email.

[Web] Meet Ronnie in her virtual meeting room to review documents, look at websites and videos, and more. Access upon request.

Length: Coaching sessions start at the top of the hour. There is up to five minutes grace for late starts, but all sessions end no later than 50 minutes past the start time, even if you arrive late.

Number of people in your session: There can be up to two (2) people (you plus an assistant, partner or colleague) in the coaching session.

Recording: Your phone or web session can be recorded at no extra charge. A download link to your MP3 audio (from a phone session) or MP4 video (from a web session) will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your session. 

Please note that while the technology is 99.99% reliable, it has failed. The odds of failure are low (less than .5% of over 5000 sessions have had technical issues), but that high reliability rate won't matter if it is YOUR session that is in the tiny percentage that fails. For that reason, I strongly recommend that you take notes during our meeting.

You are welcome to record your session with your own equipment; only 2 sessions have failed to record audio in the past 16 years but since it is a possibility, you may wish to record your own. You may bring a recording device to your in-office session (your phone should work fine).

Please save your MP3 (audio) or MP4 (video) file to your drive as soon as you receive it, because it will not be available for long. Files are deleted within 14 days, so if you want to keep a copy, download it. Thank you!

Coaching agenda: You may include anything you wish on your coaching agenda, but I strongly recommend creating one before the meeting so that you make the most of our time together. Here is a basic list of items to share with me before your first session (typically a Marketing Diagnostic):

Instructions: Please copy and paste the completed prep information into an email (DO NOT SEND it as an attachment) and send to me at 24 hours before our meeting is scheduled.

Preparation is essential for the success of our meeting, and I want to be sure you get exactly what you are looking for from our time together, because ultimately the success of our meeting is up to you. Please be prepared to clearly articulate your responses to the questions below (having them written down and emailed to me 24 hours before our meeting is best):

        • Who is your ideal client (by category)?
        • What is the problem that working with you solves for them? Is this the same problem for which they seek a solution, or do they have another agenda before they speak to you?
        • How much is your ideal client worth to you (yearly and lifetime value)?
        • What is the core message you want to deliver to your prospects so that they understand that you have what they need?
        • How are you different or better than the other options available?
        • Speaking from your client's perspective, what does the process look like from the point of awareness of need/problem to the point of satisfactory resolution?
        • What programs do you have in place to address your clients' needs at the varying stages of service or relationship life-cycle?
        • What is your best lead generation strategy? Acquisition strategy? Retention strategy?
        • What are your three key objectives for your website, and what strategies are you using to accomplish them? 
        • What are your key objectives for your marketing materials (business cards, brochures, newsletters, etc.) and what strategies are they supporting?
        • How are you measuring your marketing ROI?

Please note that you may not have answers to all of these questions, so focus on answering those you can. Your preparation will also bring me up to speed on your business and marketing situation so we can get the most done in the shortest time.

Cancellations: Sessions can be rescheduled without penalty up to 48 hours in advance. There are no refunds for missed or cancelled sessions.

DIY Services are Tax Deductible

Before you even look at what I have to offer, you should know that according to the IRS reps I spoke with recently, all DIY services (programs, coaching, events, etc.) are tax-deductible, so in the long run, they are essentially FREE to you! 

Here's an article about deductible business expenses that explains more, and here are links to specific IRS publications that detail where and what to deduct: Publication 970 and Publication 535.

But don't take my word for it, because I am not a tax professional. Please discuss details with your own trusted tax professional.

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